Thursday, May 26, 2011

I am so lame and Disgusting Part Deux

K from Ed. commented on my last post that we should all admit, anonymously of course, how often we actually wash our sheets and/or our family's sheets compared to how often we think we should wash them. I was game for this until I realized that, even though I admit all kinds of embarrassing things here on this blog (remember the hemorrhoids?) I'm not sure I want to admit this. I will say that I was looking for something on my daughter's bed yesterday and I noticed there was a layer of dust on the upper corner of her fitted sheet. That can't be good.

Okay, fine, twist my arm: I meant to wash my sheets when we came home from Disneyland because the cat had been shedding on them unabated the whole time we were gone, but instead I just used the lint brush to get the hair off, and have slept like a baby ever since.

We got back from Disneyland a while ago...

I hate changing sheets! I love a clean bed, but changing sheets is a pain in the ass. I don't know if it is the same for everyone, but in my tiny bedroom, there is very little space to walk around the bed and tuck everything in, and make it neat, and then the cat gets very curious and decides to nap on what your are trying to fluff, and then I get all sweaty and out of breath because I'm in such terrible shape. I sleep just fine on my nasty sheets, thank you very much.

Oprah gets hers changed every three days. But she's Oprah. I'm surprised she doesn't have them changed every day. I'm surprised she doesn't sleep on a cloud of perfect cleanliness held up by angels who sing her to sleep with soft lullabies, and bring her breakfast on a tray. Did you watch Oprah yesterday? I do love that woman.

Here's the best: Putting freshly washed sheets on the bed, taking a shower (which I have to do after making the bed because of the sweating) shaving your legs, putting on fresh pj's (or no pjs, that's pretty good, too) and then getting into the clean bed. Mmmmm. I think I might go strip my bed right now and enjoy this little vignette tonight.

Or maybe I'll eat some kettle corn and make a few calls...

p.s. The pillow washing TOTALLY WORKED! Its like having a new pillow. In fact, I'm having a little trouble getting used to sleeping on it because it is so crazy fluffy. Here's what I did: Washed the down pillow in cold water and the delicate cycle. Dried it in the dryer on no heat with a clean tennis ball (not tennis shoes, like my mom suggested.) I ran the dryer about six times. Apparently, that was more than enough. I also put my pillow out in the sun because it was so cool to the touch that I thought it was damp. Turns out, it wasn't. I wish I had taken before and after pics, the difference is astounding!

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Anonymous said...

In my mind: once a week

In reality: once a month. Or once every 3 weeks. GROSS!

Maybe Oprah's parting gift will a taste of free houskeeping for all viewers.......wouldn't that be NICE!